Walking Wet

So, the intense training in Chicago ends and the ongoing work of reading, coaching, praying, and discerning begins … We all came together from different places, doing different things, serving in different settings, believing that something greater than all of us brought us together in that space, at this time, in ‘The Lutheran Center’, Chicago, IL. I think it was the words “living”, “baptismal”, and “covenant” that sparked the interest of a group of pastors – a story-teller, a professor, a former museum curator,  two curriculum writers, a gay RN, a singing-evangelist, a Norwegian plumber, etc. – and somehow persuaded our varied walks to merge into a similar cadence – a congruity that although there, might never have been unified. And so, seeking in our individual contexts what it means to “walk wet” – to come through the waters of Holy Baptism transformed, and being transformed still … always, and transforming – we opened ourselves to one another, and to the power of the Holy Spirit, in the hopes that we might not only invite, but accompany others on that same journey of ‘wet wandering’ and ‘wet working’: dripping with grace, having been made clean, soaked with eternal promise, sopping with possibility, hydrated with life, drowned in power, promise and hope, and submerged in resurrection. We now have some months to hone new skills and develop new language (not theolo-babble or theory-jargon, but Incarnated words) as the ancient rituals are brought to life once more, and the Promise of Baptism becomes the practice of our life in Jesus … for us … and, hopefully (more importantly), for others …

walking wet 1

I (We) have always walked wet, only now we choose to name it – call it what it is – and not only clue others in, but challenge them to splash right along with us, and encourage their intentional participation. “Follow me,” He said, “and I will make you fish for people.” I choose to walk wet, to remember that I have been brought through the waters of Holy Baptism for a purpose, and to claim the power of transformation … …

Because of Jesus, my life can never be the same. Because of Jesus, my life will never stay the same …

Thanks be to God!

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